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Lost; Ben and bunny

♥ for orange, goldfish, piercings and body mods, catfish, siamese cats, lost, elbow, rats, $$$, zombies, pink, pale, andrew bird, gaia fishing, sebastian glass, the +1 popsicle of charisma, beck, the fuck-up, shub niggurath, gogol bordello, i heart huckabees, 28 days later, boys in love, & girls in lust.


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Lost; Ben and bunny
Last night, I sustained enough bruising on my forearms to have a customer ask me, in a voice of low-pitched concern, whether I had an abusive boyfriend. I do not think she was convinced by my insistence that I'd just dropped a lot of fountain drink boxes on myself.

Today, my cousin woke me up at two-thirty in the afternoon (when, as the worker of a graveyard shift, I should have been sleeping) to take me to the emergency room for his panic attacks. Feeling sorry for myself (and not for him), I went and picked up some new music, as well as some old music that I don't have any more: The Tain by the Decemberists, Mutations and One Foot in the Grave by Beck, and Gyspy Punks by Gogol Bordello (!).

More love letters:

zanitica: For being you. ♥

z_mochachino: For being tolerant, witty, and damn near unbearably hot, I love you.

cluricaun: For having a mind that works on some more golden and weather-beaten plane, and for giving us windows into that place, I love you.
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